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Create Your Dream Spa Date At Home

All the pleasures without leaving your house.

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We all love getting a spa treatment and we take our pampering time very seriously. It’s fun to spend a few hours being taken care of and treated like royalty. However, enjoying the same with your partner can also be a great opportunity to bond with your S.O. Since spa treatments can be quite expensive, there are a number of ways to recreate the same experience within the comforts of your home. Here are a few simple ideas to try with boo.

Mood Maker

Every spa date needs a few essentials to get started. Light up some scented candles and place them around your bedroom and bathroom to set the right ambience. It also helps to play some soft music and turn the lights down low. A few vases of fresh flowers scattered around the room adds to the overall romantic feel. Make sure the two of you have comfy robes to slip into before starting your date. Keep some snacks handy and break open a bottle of vino to help get you both in the mood!

To Smoother Days

Fancy hairless skin to enjoy the rest of your date? Ditch the razor if you want to avoid nicks and ingrown hairs. Veet Hair Removal Cream is your new hero for fuzz-free skin. Veet now comes in a variety of packs designed to target different skin types, such as normal, dry and sensitive. So make sure you pick the right one. Get bae to apply the cream on your legs, arms, underarms or bikini line. Leave it on for five minutes and while you wait, give each other a quick mani—nothing too difficult, just cut, file and buff and you’re done! Once your time is up, scrape off the Veet Hair Removal Cream with the spatula provided, and say hello to silky AF skin that’ll stay moisturized up to 24 hours. We’re certain bae won’t be complaining about your touchable, smooth, flawless skin! 

All Hands On Deck

Ending a long, hard day with a good massage is one of the best things in life. Grab a bottle of coconut oil or baby oil and give each other a massage. You can do the whole body or focus on certain areas like the head, feet and shoulders. You’ll feel so relaxed that you’ll probably wonder why you don’t do this more often!

Scrub Away

Give yourself an easy glow by exfoliating your body and face. It aids in removing all those dead skin cells and deposits of dirt. You don’t need anything store bought—make your own using ingredients from your kitchen. A mixture of brown sugar and honey makes for a great formula that will keep your skin hydrated and supple.  

Face Off

Your faces deserve to get some special care as well. A soothing face or sheet mask that contains natural elements works wonders for your skin. It retains moisture, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, treats acne and scars, and removes white and blackheads. Works great for both you and Lover Boy.

Turn Up The Heat

Finish off your spa date with a long soak. Fill your tub with hot water and add some fragrant essential oils and salts. These will ease all the tension in your body as you cuddle up with your partner. If you don’t have a tub, a hot shower will do just fine.

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