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Body Contouring: It’s The One Beauty Trick You’ll All Love

Keep ‘em abs coming.

Courtesy of Veet

If you’re thinking of donning that cute bikini you saw the other day while window shopping, and you’re hoping to hit the beach with bae, then this makeup trick is going to come handy. Yes, we know, everybody has a beach body, but if you do want to show off all the hard work you put into your workout session (while gorging on all those cheesy burgers), then body contouring is the best way to go. Just like you bring out the best features of your face by contouring (thanks for putting this on the beauty map Kim K!), do the same with the rest of your body.

Here’s how:

1. First and foremost, you need a clear canvas to play on! So it’s best to clear all that fuzz out and create a blank slate. What’s more perfect for this than Veet Hair Removal Cream? All you have to do is, apply the cream, wait for it to do its job, scrape off and enjoy being hair-free. Going in with a razor almost always gives us cuts, grazes and leaves the skin ultra- dry. This is especially obvious in sensitive areas like your underarms and bikini line. But, Veet has an option that’ll fit everyone’s needs. From varieties for dry to sensitive skin to the all-new mini pack that’s especially designed for underarm hair removal, there’s something for everyone. So it’s only a matter of discovering what works best for you. Tested and trusted, Veet really is the best out there. So grab one, slather on and say buh-bye to those unwanted hairs in a jiffy! Now that you’re rid of all the unwanted fuzz, you can move onto sculpting those abs.

2. This basically harnesses the same techniques as face contouring, with the use of lighter shades to highlight, while using the darker shade to downplay the features you want. So pick the areas you want defined. If you’re stuck with choosing just go with the usually contoured spots like, décolletage, abs, arms and even the chest area.

3. Apply the darker shade on areas you want to minimize and the lighter shade on the areas you want pronounced. Sounds like rocket science? Let’s follow a simple example, if for instance you want to define your décolletage, you apply the darker shade above and beneath the collarbone. Then you go in with the highlighter on the bone itself.

4. Next step is simple, you take a damp beauty blender and blend, blend, blend! Then go ahead and seal all of that work in with a setting spray.

So prep that canvas, right now, and get that contouring on. And, remember, you Veet it. Don’t shave it!

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