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Cool Drives That Will Take Your Wedding To A New Level

Expect envious stares all the way.

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Weddings. It’s that one significant event of our lives that, for the most part, we invest so much time and money on. Be it finding the perfect dress or the right location, the list of to-dos are never ending. However, it’s quite easy to neglect the travel aspect of the whole celebration when your mind is occupied with other details. By travel, I mean how you and the bridal party will get from point A to point B. In Sri Lanka, the type of vehicle you use is important, and the popular option is to rent the car you’re lusting after. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to go all out if that’s how you roll. After all, you need to be on time for your special day and arrive in style while you’re at it!

Unless you’re a car fanatic, it’s unlikely you’ll know what to look for, so ask Lover Boy what he wants or keep reading as Cosmo talks to a few rent-a-car organisations for their take. They share what their most popular vehicles are for that all-important day.

“The Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series are two of the most popular choices for weddings. It’s a really important day, so the bride and groom tend to look for a car that looks impressive. They’re hugely popular simply because of the brand name. In addition to these two mainstream names, couples also pick the Chrysler 300C. It has a sportier, more American look that is quite unique. Plus, in terms of colour, white wins hands down!”

– Sajad, Ameri Rent A Car

“Couples who are on a budget prefer the Toyota Premio and Toyota Allion. They’re solid and sturdy with a nice design, so you can depend on them to do the job on your big day. Most Kandyan themed weddings opt for vintage models to suit the atmosphere. Modern cars like convertibles are also quite the rage, especially because they make a statement when they arrive at the wedding.”

– Lakmal,

“The Audi is often preferred with its sleek designs. Today, couples are open to experimenting, so they might pick off-road vehicles like the Hummer or uber-luxurious models like the limousine. As of recent, we’ve also seen an overwhelming demand for Mustangs, which we hope to accommodate soon.”

– Ishard, Casons Rent A Car

Got a special drive in mind for your special day? We’d love to hear. Drop us a comment and tell us all about it!

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