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Think That Your Jeans Don’t Fit Any More? Think Again.

No more need to squeeze!

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Ugh. Jeans. We love them dearly, don’t get us wrong, but it seems to be tricky AF when it comes to finding the perfect fit. A single brand can have a gazillion different cuts, wearing your fave pair on repeat means they become stretchy and loose, and a simple wash can shrivel them up to a size that only a mannequin can squeeze into. Whatever the case, we’re here to tell you to worry no more!

3 Hacks for jeans that are too tight

1. Spray with luke-warm water, then pull to stretch
This one works like an absolute charm. It may seem like you’re playing a round of Twister, but once you’ve spritzed your denims, stand on the ends of the legs and then pull in every direction.

2 Pull .on your jeans and jump in the tub
Yes, this may sound a tad cray, but by slipping on your jeans and getting into a bath of warm (not hot) water, the threading will loosen and stretch. Hang ’em up to dry and, voilà!

3. Carefully remove the waistband
This one is a little tricky, but there’s nothing like getting your craft on. Start by tearing the side seams of your jeans down by about 6cm to 7cm, followed by snipping the waistband in the same place. Finally, add an additional strip of material to increase the width of your jeans.

3 Hacks for jeans that are too loose

1. Wash them in hot water
Put your jeans in the washing machine on the hottest cycle option. Tip: do not use fabric softener. This tends to work best when your jeans are as close to 100% cotton as possible.

2. Put them in the dryer on a hot setting
Pop your jeans in the dryer on a hot setting in order to constrict the fabric and make your jeans nice and snug. Please note that this must be done after having put them on a hot cycle in the washing machine.

3. Sew a small piece of elastic onto the back of the waistband
A little more arts and crafts coming your way. Stitch a 15cm piece of elasticated fabric onto the inside of your waistband at the back.

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