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Here’s How To Have The Chicest Wedding Ever!

Do something different and pick a location few would consider!

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Planning your big day is hard work, especially if you’ve decided to take on the bulk of the organising yourself. You can already see yourself reaching for a glass of vino to help you deal with it all. Girl, we totally get you! Wedding planning is no joke! From flower arrangements to outfits to guest lists, the list is endless. But, chief among them is choosing the right venue. It’s a time-consuming task, especially if you want something very specific.

More millennial couples are choosing to have smaller ceremonies and receptions, preferring a more intimate gathering to celebrate this all-important day. Aside from costs being significantly less, and potentially leaving a few family members disgruntled at not receiving an invitation, downsizing can be a great way to have only the people who truly matter present at your wedding. Having said that, if you’ve always wanted a larger wedding, then far be it for us to stand in your way. After all, this is yours and your fiancé’s special day, so what you both want is very important.

But, if you do decide to go small and want the perfect spot for your wedding, take a look-see at this hotlist. Here are some of the most beautiful boutique hotels in Colombo.

Havelock Place Bungalow

Tucked away in the city is a charming old bungalow that really takes you by surprise. The property is surrounded by greenery, so much so you’d hardly believe you’re still in Colombo. It’s the perfect spot to have a small, cosy, low-key gathering to celebrate your big day.


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Tintagel Colombo

For the couple looking for a more modern, yet chic evening, take a walk through the corridors of Tintagel. Whether you want a sit-down or cocktail kinda wedding, this gorgeous spot will everyone ooh-ing and aah-ing!


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Casa Colombo

Yet another swanky boutique hotel, hidden away in Colombo, Casa makes a great place for an elegant wedding. With its tropical trees with hanging roots and plush interior, your retinue photos will look quirky and fun!


This beautiful property, complete with a unique history is a quaint venue for your big day. What’s quite delightful about the home-turned-boutique-hotel is that each room is named after a woman of a different generation of the family owners. We can totally get behind that!



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Zylan Luxury Villa

For couples with a slightly larger guest list (we totally get the trials and tribulations of narrowing down the invitees), don’t pull your hair out yet! Take a peek at this property. Both exquisite and accommodating of large numbers, Zylan has a rooftop area and a roomier ground floor that could work well, no matter your needs.  


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