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Yellow Blush Is Currently Having A Moment On Instagram

Why not?


The best part of wearing makeup is having some fun with it — which might just explain the latest colourful beauty trend sweeping social media.

As reported by Allure, while most makeup lovers don’t play around with their blush all that often, quite a few makeup artists have been giving yellow blush a try lately, and the results are absolutely mesmerising.

The look is certainly not for the timid, but it’s a fun and unexpected way to embrace a popular colour for the changing weather. Even more appealing, it’s a simple way to give bold, bright makeup a try without too much effort. Plus, it’s meant to be a “universally flattering shade” that works for a variety of skin tones to brighten the face and give you a ~glow.~ Who doesn’t want that?!

Check out a few examples of this peculiar new beauty trend below.


#fbf Surreal Skin. Photo @jamienelson6 makeup @lotstar #skin #glow #yellowblush #beauty

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