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10 Ridiculous Fights Every Couple Has Had

Love is weird, man.

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While some arguments are more serious than others, here are 10 fights we’ve all had with our SO that, in retrospect, seem kinda silly.

1. The one where someone’s late

For people who are punctual, dating someone who is careless with their time-management, or who just genuinely doesn’t see the issue in being 20 minutes late, is beyond painful. Whether it’s him showing up late to your mother’s Sunday tea or you taking an hour too long to get ready for the wedding you’re going to (this face isn’t going to contour itself), we’ve all had a little screaming match over it.

2. The one about social media

It drives him mad that you’re glued to your Facebook feed and you can’t stand that he still follows his ex on Instagram. Inevitably, with social media being as prevalent in our lives as it is, there’s somehow going to always be something to argue about.

3. The one about which movie you should watch

You can get down with watching the new Alien movie. The day it is released. In the cinema. But eventually, you’ll get sick of entire days dedicated to UFC, and he’ll swear that if he watches one more episode of Friends, he’s never coming over again.

4. The one about what’s for dinner

When you’re sick of trying to please each other and the sentence, ‘Whatever you feel like, boo’, has fallen off the romantic radar, there will be games of Rock Paper Scissors to settle the classic sushi/McDonald’s debate.

5. The fight about who cheated in Rock Paper Scissors

Or the coin flip, or about Google being wrong. Whether it’s debating a grammatical issue or him not believing something you read on Buzzfeed, all relationships are full of little bets and declarations of, ‘Well, Google can’t always be right.’

6. The one about who gives back tickles last before bed

Everyone knows there’s nothing better than falling asleep while having your back tickled. The shit storm arises when you’re both tickle lovers. Might I recommend a game of Rock Paper Scissors to settle the disagreement?

7. The one about someone drinking too much

Someone vomited in the laundry basket after talking about your sex life with strangers. Someone is in trouble.

8. The one about a single article of clothing

You don’t understand how he thought buying those sailboat-esque flip-flops was a good idea and he thinks your lovely white summer dress resembles a tablecloth. Allow each other three vetoes each and get on with it.

9. The one about pet names

It was funny the first time he called you ‘boo thang’, but now it’s escalated and he’s done it at dinner with your parents. In retaliation, you’ve dubbed him ‘sugar tits’ and you now have a classic Princess Consuela-Banana Hammock/Crap Bag debacle on your hands.

10. The one about who loves the other most

Much like the time you got too drunk, I suspect you’re vomming in your mouth a little. Too bad! Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there and have, in all sincerity, uttered the words, ‘No, I love you more.’

Love is weird, man.

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