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The Brazilian Reasons You Should Wax

For that clean, easy-breezy feeling, during Sri Lanka’s unpredictable climate change!

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Ever wonder why some women prefer to take it all of down there? From the stories you might hear from women who’ve taken the bold steps to get a Brazilian wax, it sounds agonizing AF. I mean getting your legs, arms and underarms done are bad enough, but pouring hot wax onto your nether regions is hardly fun. But, there’s something to be said about the wonderfully smooth, baby soft feeling you have post-wax. And with Sri Lanka’s torrid weather, it’s easy to get sweaty and sticky down there!

For those unfamiliar with Brazilian waxes, you’re basically removing all of the hair in your bikini area, front to back. A hard wax is used, as opposed to traditional waxes that use muslin strips to pull the hair out. The hard wax is far less painful, than the regular type, and is recommended for all sensitive areas of the body. To learn more on this practice taking Colombo by storm, we chatted to Managing Partners and sisters, Saarah and Aniqha Dean Ismail of Honey Pot.

Why should you consider taking the plunge?

Although not completely pain-free, Honey Pot’s Brazilian wax is one of their most requested sessions, and there’s good reason why all women should consider choosing to go hairless.

Hygiene and maintenance is far easier than if you were to shave. “You stay hairless for longer periods of time, and it’s a faster and more effective way of keeping your intimates smoother and cleaner, especially during that time of the month,” says Saarah. “Brazilian waxes will also keep you itch-free in our tropical climate where you tend to sweat a lot!”

Hair growth reduces…over time. “Regular waxing sessions will reduce your growth over a period of time,” explains Saarah. Since you’re pulling the hair follicle from its root, the hair that grows back becomes softer and less dense.

The pain quickly diminishes. During the procedure, the discomfort you feel is mainly due to the sudden sensation of the hair being pulled out, but this quickly disappears. Phew!

Bear these in mind during your session…

Channel your inner Master Shifu. “The most important thing is to stay calm and relax,” says Aniqha. “Hold onto the thought of that fresh feeling you’ll experience after a Brazilian!” So take deep breathes if you feel nervous, and it’ll be all over soon. Promise!

Talk to your therapist. No, not that kind. “Communication is key. So, it’s important you speak to your therapist prior to waxing with any and all questions or concerns,” suggests Saarah. Someone with a weak immune system runs the risk of infection, or you could develop skin irritations, like swelling, redness etc). “We always recommend taking precautions, if you have particularly sensitive skin. Obtain adequate information, and understand the waxing process so you’re aware of the benefits and potential risks!” says Aniqha. The last thing you want is for your session to go south, solely because you missed out on asking or providing any important information.

Keep your privates clean. “Prior to your waxing procedure, refrain from using any topical lotions on your sensitive areas,” says Aniqha. This might cause potential irritations when wax meets your skin.

Get a handle on ingrown hair

Ingrowns typically happen as a result of shaving. “Ditch the razor and join the waxing revolution! Shaving is a quick fix, and sometimes, in moments of weakness we tend to veer towards this option. But, consistent waxing will help reduce ingrown,” says Saarah.

Still getting ingrown hair despite waxing? We hear you. Saarah and Aniqha recommends exfoliation. By doing this daily with bath gloves, you’ll keep your ingrowns under control. Alternatively, give Honey Pot’s signature pre-wax scrub a shot. “We usually suggest that our clients come in about a week prior to waxing, when the hair is just beginning to sprout,” explains Aniqha. Whichever option you choose, exfoliation will, ultimately, do you only good, as it will allow ingrown hair to eventually surface smoothly.

Post-wax care

Taking care of your bikini area after your procedure is extremely important. “Slather on Lacto Calamine all day, every day!” exclaims the girls. With its healing and antiseptic properties, redness and irritation will significantly reduce. Even better? You’ll keep all heat prone reactions at bay. So, say goodbye to rashes and random pimples!

Soon after your wax don’t don your fancy panties. “After a Brazilian wax, we highly recommend wearing soft cotton undergarments, as opposed to lace,” says Saarah. “It’s also best if you refrain from using moisturizing creams straight after a wax, as it may clog your pores.” Yikes!

Booking your next appointment

In order to stay on top of your bikini waxes, you really do need to visit your waxing parlour regularly. Because, you see, the longer the hair, the stronger the root. And yup, you guessed it: The more painful the experience! “We generally advice our clients to come in every 4-6 weeks, depending on their growth,” explains Aniqha. “Our goal for those who wax regularly is to stay smooth for up to 8 weeks!”

For many women, going Brazilian is no biggie. In all honesty, the short-lived pain is well worth the fuzz-free, baby’s-butt-esq feeling after each wax! You feel far more groomed by the end of it, which is well worth the hassle!

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