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Fashion Rules That Need To Be Broken ASAP

Why not just march to the beat of your own drum?

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While trends are constantly evolving and changing, there is one thing we can be sure of when it comes to fashion – rules that need to be broken. Whether these cardinal rules were set by your parents, a strict business dress code, or just something you heard along the way, the Cosmo SL team vetted a list of the most BS fashion rules that are not only completely outdated, but totally worth breaking.

1. Overalls Are Just For Farmers And ’90s Kids.

WRONG! Leave your cows in the farm and shelve those childhood memories for a bit – the overall is making a huge comeback in the fashion world. Pair with trainers and a crop underneath for a chic model-off-duty look.

2. Don’t Show A Lot Of Cleavage.

Why not, whatever happened to you only live once? If you got it, flaunt it.

3. Don’t Mix Different Prints And Patterns.

Actually, mixed prints can look extremely fresh, and elevate your look from ordinary to street-style ready in no time. Not only is pattern clashing acceptable, it is super on-trend and it looks like this style is here to say. There are just way too many beautiful prints and patterns in the world to commit to just one. So, don’t.

4. Match Your Shoes To Your Belt And/Or Bag.

Sticking to one colour is just straight up denying your imagination its right to blossom. We’re all for freedom of choice, so if you want to wear purple shoes with a purple bag, by all means, go for it. But, you don’t have to abide by this rule every single time you get dressed.

5. Only Wear Nude Bras Under White Shirts.

Two words: Carrie Bradshaw. What did she teach us?

6. You Have To Be Model Tall To Pull Off Maxi dresses

Just because you’re on the short side doesn’t mean you should go without summer dresses or maxi skirts. That’s just cruel, especially since maxis are still in. With a good seamstress on speed dial, shorter girls can wear anything their hearts desire. It all comes down to perfect fit.

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