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This Is Why You Should Wrap A Rubber Band Around Your Nail Polish Bottle

Why didn't we think of this?

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You know when you get to that part of the working day (usually about 3.30pm), where the afternoon slump hits and the bar of Galaxy that you keep in your desk drawer has already been consumed, but it hasn’t given you the energy boost you were hoping for so you just scroll through Twitter and Instagram until 5.30 hits…

Nope, I have no idea what that feels like either.

I’m getting to the point I promise. Anyway there I was scrolling through Twitter (completely by coincidence may I add) when I came across the most genius beauty hack from makeup artist and one half of our favourite YouTube duo (Pixiwoo duh), Sam Chapman.


All day filming bridal for @realtechniques #realtechniques #makeupbrushes

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Sam tweeted that she hadn’t been able to open a particular nail polish for four months, a struggle that I for one can definitely relate to (thinking of you OPI Tickle My France-y).

And of course Twitter scrambled to Sam’s aid with some DIY solutions.

But it was a suggestion from Freya Hinsley that proved to be successful

Talk about genius. To think the amount of hours (and water) I’ve wasted, running my nail polish under the hot tap to try and get the lid open. When all I needed to do was a wrap an elastic band around the lid to help me get a firm grip.

Sam, Freya…not all heroes wear capes.

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