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What Items Do You Avoid Keeping On Your Office Desk? Islanders Spill All.

Some things are just not meant to be.

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Your work table is one of the most important places in office. Some of us may like to work in messy environments, while others prefer an uncluttered area. Having items that help you focus better, like a pair of headphones or scented candles, work miracles in improving efficiency and creativity. However, there are some pieces that you may dislike keeping on your table. Either they take up too much room or disrupt your schedule.

We had to ask what some of our Lankans had to share on this subject. The answers were hilarious!

“I’d never keep a photo of my boyfriend. Just kidding! I wouldn’t have junk lying around, like unwanted papers and files. I like my desk to be clean all the time, as I’m a very minimalist person.” – Anisha, 30.

“I generally bring lunch from home, but I never, ever keep it on my table. For me, personally, this is taboo, so if you’re looking for something to eat, skip my desk, people!’ – Shani, 21.

“You won’t find framed photos of my girlfriend or family on my desk, ever! I am a person who likes to keep my personal life very private, and I don’t share too many details about it. I feel that keeping work and home separate is important. Mixing the two may not end well. Plus, if a pretty girl happened to drop by the office, I wouldn’t want a photo to give me away that I’m not single,” laughed Ajith, 28.

“I can’t work when there’s a lot of clutter on my table. So expect a clean surface if you visit me. The one thing I absolutely hate to keep is a water glass or bottle. Somehow I am a klutz only when it comes to water, and I always end up spilling it everywhere.” – Shenel, 23.

“Back when I used to work in an airlines office, I received a lot of sweet treats that is usually served on flights. Someone would leave a box on my table and my colleagues would be drawn to it like bees to honey. By the time I’m back at my desk, there’d only be an empty box lying around. I’d be very hurt, but it kept happening. Even though I work elsewhere now, I still don’t keep desserts and sweets on my table. Sorry guys, once bitten, twice shy!” – Purnima, 20.

“The three things forbidden from my table are alcohol, cigarettes and other substances. You’ll never find these things on my desk. Other than that, I keep all sorts of products since we do many photo shoots at work.” – Tasha, 30. 

What things don’t you have on your work table?

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