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How To Incorporate Cold Pressed Juices To Your Daily Diet

Yummiest health food ever!

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Although quite novel to Colombo, cold pressed juices are getting quite a good rep and making waves among the health conscious folk in town. So, Cosmo decided to delve deeper and discover more about these delicious concoctions and how they can be incorporated into our daily Lankan life. We spoke to our very own juicy gals (pun intended!), Sofia Ortega of GoodLife Café and Uvini Nanayakkara of Arô.

So what exactly is a pressed juice?

According to Sofia, cold pressed juices are made through a special juicing process. “The machine presses every particle of the fruit together to create a pulp, from which the juice is extracted,” explains Sofia. What’s important to note is that these juices hold higher amounts of vitamins and minerals in comparison to regular juice. According to Sofia, regular blenders kill the nutrients, thanks to the friction and heat produced during the juicing process. “These juices contain only the purest form of juice with no extra additives, like sugar or even water, elaborates Uvini.

So how do I blend these into my daily diet?

It’s easy as ABC.

Breakfast: “From a nutritional standpoint, Nutritionist Mrs Shayana Ameresekere, suggests drinking juice in the morning (on an empty stomach),” explains Uvini. “This is the best time of day to have fresh juice. The nutrients will absorb easily, and since your tummy is sans food, nothing will interfere with your body’s cleansing. Although drinking the pressed juices first thing every morning is extremely advantageous, you can still reap the benefits no matter the time of day.”

Snack: Humans are wired to consume food in a three-hour pattern— breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and if you’re still awake, another snack. Sofia suggests swapping out sugar or carb-loaded short-eats for some juice. They’re naturally sweetened, rich in nutrients and keep your tummy feeling full. Need we say more? “At the end of the day, it’s always better to have some juice, rather than a sugary piece of cake!” exclaims Sofia.

Lunch: “Add a bottle of juice with a bowl of salad for your mid-day meal,” recommends Sofia. Although she agrees that juice is a solid meal substitute, she stresses that is imperative you steer clear of a “juice-only” diet. “You can drink one litre of juice for breakfast and another for lunch, but, ultimately, your body needs to have solid food it can bite, chew and swallow. If not, your brain will start protesting at a liquid-only diet, sending you messages that your tummy is hungry!”

Pre/Post Workout: “Carrot-based juices give you a quick pick-me-up while providing lasting energy which slowly breaks down during your day,” says Uvini. “Beetroot, on the other hand, will help improve your stamina and endurance. The vegetable contains a nitrate that helps reduce your oxygen uptake,” says Uvini. Sounds perfect for all the healthy chicks who start or end their day with an ab workout.

Drop by the GoodLife Café or at one of Arô‘s many pop ups, for your healthy fix of fruits, veggies and nutrients. You’re welcome!

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