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Three Women On How To Make A Lasting Impression

Get off to a good start!

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Whether you’re heading to an interview, at a networking event or meeting a cute guy for dinner, making a fantastic first impression is vital. Arguably, it can make or break how you are perceived in the long run and whether or not you land that job.

If you are constantly making a positive impact on your colleagues, or the people you network with, opportunities will come knocking on your door. All it takes is one quick glance, for you to be evaluated from head to toe when you meet someone for the first time. An opinion is formed based on how you look, your body language, mannerisms, how you’re dressed and how you interact with those around you. So, it’s fair to say, knowing how to create a good first impression is important. But, really, what are things you need to remember in order to slay the first meeting? Three women break it down.

Confidence is key

“It’s paramount that you exude self-confidence every time you meet someone new. Hiding in a corner of the room, overcome by anxiety is not a good look if you’re trying to land a job or build a network. If you feel like you’re socially awkward, you must try to step out of your comfort zone and push yourself forward. I used to be super shy, but I knew, that if I wanted to move forward in my career and life in general, I needed to make a real effort to push my insecurities aside. So, if you’re feeling anxious, I feel you. Often, all you need to do is take a small step forward (literally!), breathe deeply, smile wide and say, ‘Hello! How do you do?’” said Tasha, 29.

Look the part and create a connection

“Be prepared. Know what you’re going to say, dress smart, and always give a firm handshake. Be pleasant and try to build a rapport with the person you’re talking to. You can even go as far as researching the person you want to make an impression with, so you’ll have common topics to discuss. At meetings or interviews, be assertive (not rudely so), but don’t be a pushover,” suggested Ransirini, 31.

Always look your best

“Your personality plays a big role, as does what you’re wearing. If I’m meeting a guy for the first time, I notice his socks, shoes, the creases on his pants, cuff links, the hair on his head and face. I’d notice immediately if he hasn’t groomed recently. His perfume—is it overpowering or just right? I observe if his pants and shirt are a good fit for his body. If they aren’t, chances are he’s either stressed out or hasn’t been taking very good care of himself,” explained Vishmi, 28.

“Although it may seem very shallow to judge a person based on their looks and the way they dress, it speaks volumes about their personality and their psyche,” she elaborated.

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