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The Long Weekend Is The Perfect Time To Break Open Your Board Games

Channel your inner child.

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Who doesn’t love card and board games?! Aside from reading, when I was younger, this was one of my favourite pastimes. My parents played Scrabble, UNO and Lexicon at home, so most evenings were so much fun. At school, after year-end exams (when we had plenty of free time while the teachers were busy marking papers), my friends and I broke out Cluedo, Monopoly and Pictionary, among a host of other games.

Pulling out these boards (or cards) allows you to interact with the people in the room (since you’re sitting right in front of them) and push you to laugh, talk and bond with your friends or family.  Let’s explore some iconic, well-loved games.


This is probably the most loved game in my household. My parents even have a 1980’s pack (complete with score sheets), which is now limited edition! The goal of the game is to be the first player to score the most number of points. You achieve this by getting rid of all your cards and earning points corresponding to the value of the remaining cards still held by the others playing.

Tip: More the merrier, so grab the gang!


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The popular word game is serious business. Played by two to four players on a square board with smaller squares, each accommodates a single letter title. You basically need to form words in a crossword fashion. “I love making words and it’s a great way to improve your vocabulary. What’s even better is if your opponent is as passionate as you, because then it can get really competitive. And, a little healthy competition never hurt anybody!” said Rehana, 25.

Tip: Perfect for an easy Sunday morning.


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The premise of the game is to move around the board, buying, trading or selling properties, building houses and hotels, and collecting rent from your opponents. Your goal is to drive all the other players into bankruptcy, leaving yourself in control of the economy. “Monopoly can go on for hours! And it’s a hit among my friends and family. We used to religiously play this when we were little, but now with everyone’s commitments and responsibilities, we try to get the gang together at least once a month. This game will never go out of style,” explains Shana, 29.

Tip: Dedicate an entire day, as you might be playing for a few hours.


This word guessing game will have you in peals of laughter. The objective is for a player to have their partners guess the word on the player’s card without using the word itself (or the five additional words listed.) “I love this game because it’s so interesting to see how people interpret different words. You also realise just how well you know your friends when you’re down to the guessing part,” said Sakina, 26.

Tip: This makes a hilarious drinking game.


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Channel your inner yogi with this game of physical skill. A large plastic mat (with rows of big, coloured circles) is laid down on the floor. A spinner is used to determine where the player puts her hand or foot. After spinning, the combination is called (for example left-hand, red) and the players must move their hand or foot onto the correct circle. “If you want an entertaining, yet romantic evening with your S.O, give this game a go! It’s a lot of fun, trust me!” winked Aaliyah, 28.

Tip: Wear something comfy: Yoga pants should help with all the stretching you’ll be doing.


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Now, go blow the dust off your games, call some friends over, pop open a bottle of wine and let the fun begin!

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