Feel Like The Sun’s Out To Get You? Here Are Some Easy Ways To Cool Down. - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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Feel Like The Sun’s Out To Get You? Here Are Some Easy Ways To Cool Down.


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The temperature lately is no joke and we’re all a bit down and under as a result. According to the Met Department, the sun is directly above us, and with the inter-monsoon season, this climate is here to stay for a little while longer. It’s important to stay out of the sun as much as possible to avoid both sunburn and dehydration. If you absolutely have to step out, then be sure to take appropriate precautions. Below are a few methods that seem to work for our fellow Lankans.

Hydration Is The Key

“I’m not a fan of water, although I know it’s important especially in this heat. Instead, I eat a lot of watermelons! It’s juicy and sweet and can be found easily at your local pola or supermarket. Whenever I have the time, I switch things up by making a juice out of it. Yum!” said Shani, 21.

“Water is my antidote to this crazy heat! I make sure to drink at least 3 litres a day. I keep a bottle at my workstation and fill it up constantly because dehydration is the last thing you need,” explained Hasi, 29.

It’s All In Your Outfit

Shani commented, “This is the time I pull out all my summer clothes like tank tops, crop tops and shorts. I try to avoid jeans, thick shirts and heavy fabrics because I don’t want to sweat like crazy. Dressing for work can be a bit tricky, so I mostly wear flowing skirts, cotton pants and blouses. This way, I still look smart and don’t feel the warmth much.”

“Sticking to lighter coloured outfits is my way of coping if I know that I’m going to be out in the sun. It reflects the heat, compared to dark tones,” stated Rasha, 19.

Food For The Soul

“There’s nothing like an ice-cream cone or tub to ward off the heat. Whether I’m out with my friends or grabbing lunch, I don’t miss out on this delightful treat to keep me cool,” commented Jehan, 24.

Andrea, 25, steers clear of all things spicy. “I’ve read that spicy food is good for you because you end up sweating, which in turn brings down your temperature. But, when it’s too hot outside, I stay away from all things that give even a waft of spice. Who wants to be pouring buckets when they’re out on a date with bae, right?”

Add To Your Bag

“Sometimes I carry a fan in my handbag. You have no idea how many times this has been a lifesaver! I highly recommend throwing one in your purse,” explained Hasi.

Bring On The A/C

Air conditioning is a blessing and everyone we spoke to agreed that they absolutely need it, especially at the office. “I travel by bus to work, so it can get pretty hot by the time I get off. I run to my cubicle and hog the spot where all the cold air hits until I feel better,” remarked Andrea.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Let us know your suggestions, too.


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