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9 Tricks To Make Your Home Instagrammable Without Having To Spend A Cent

Watch your likes go through the roof.

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Unfortunately we can’t all be the Kendall’s, Gigi’s and Bella’s of Instagram. For a lot of us, it requires a little bit of work, planning and resourcefulness when it comes turning our living space into shareable posts. Here are some useful and easy tricks to make your home photogenic AF.

1. Use Your Clothes

It ain’t just for your back but also for your chair’s backrest. Got a faux-fur coat hidden away in your cupboard because of the heat? Throw it nonchalantly over a chair to add depth. It’s a good and cost-effective way to make your furniture look new without having to repurpose or recover it. 


Can anyone else agree that a nice faux fur can make anything look chic as F*^%!! ??

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2. Green Fingers

Greenery is great for breathing life into your home and Insta pics. Go potter around in the garden and choose an assortment of interesting plants, leaves and cacti. Then arrange them around the house in old mugs, pots or glass soda bottles and snap.

3. Drink Coffee

We prescribe a daily dose of two cups! Take your early-morning token mug – yes, you know which one we’re taking about, the one with the cute saying – take a sip and snap to make it Insta worthy.

4. Rearrange, Reshuffle, Rework

Sometimes it’s as simple as moving things around. Take a few books from the shelf and stack them on a coffee table with a cute little something on top or line up your set of matching cool drink glasses on the windowsill. Boom!


Love a good book stack ?

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5. Go On A Scavenger Hunt

Get primal and unearth that one or two special, unusual or even kitsch objects hiding in your house. Arrange them accordingly and #share.


How cute is this little guy ? #shelfie

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6. Accessorise The Decor

Don’t leave your jewellery lying in a drawer. Show off your treasured statement pieces around the house or drape them over random objects to glimmer in all their glory.

7. A Bed Fit For Royalty

This will make you feel like a king or queen in your own home and on Instagram! Find an old bed sheet, blanket or scarf with an interesting print. Hang it on the wall behind the bed and voila! Your room has become a luxurious haven made for sweet dreams.


Happy place.  #home #wednesday #goodvibe #urbanoutfittershome #UOHome  @urbanoutfitters

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8. Collage Is Back, Baby

Well, not quite but the wall collage is! Gather all your favourite pictures, mirrors and posters, and arrange them on one wall to create Insta impact.


|| Wild Thing, you make my heart s i n g. ✨

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9. Stay In Bed

If you already got up, get right back into bed! Take a pic of the crumpled sheets and add a book or beverage to create AF image.

The lesson here, as you can see, is focus. Zoom in on one aspect of the room or a special feature, don’t aim for a wide shot that takes in everything. And remember the finishing touches. It’s all in the little details and when we say details we mean filters. Spend a good five minutes of your life being finicky over Lo-fi or Lark, adjust the lighting and exposure, and click post.

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