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The Challenges Of Living With A Big Bosom

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Gals go through so many changes with their bodies and the size of their chests is one of them. Many Lankan ladies are endowed with a little extra in the bosom area. While the boys may love it, it’s quite a hassle for the girls themselves. There’s no end to the list of problems that come with such generous proportions.

Two island ladies shared their daily struggles of living with big boobs.

Wardrobe Woes

Shopping for clothes can be a nightmare for large chested girls. “I hate shopping for clothes because I always have to go for a larger size due to cleavage. The feeling of finding the perfect t-shirt only to discover everything is tight in the chest area is horrible,” exclaims Tania, 24. “Hunting for bras is another battle. I have to be careful not to choose anything too padded, but it also can’t be flimsy since I don’t want my nips to show.”

Shenaya, 23, is also no stranger to such problems. “I have a hard time updating my wardrobe because of size issues. I’d love to wear bodycon dresses or fitted shirts, but my cleavage gets in the way,” she said.

Keeping The Girls Secure

Ensuring your breast friends don’t move while playing your favourite sport or merely walking down the street is yet another challenge. “I love outdoor activities like rafting,” said Tania. “But at the back of my mind, I’m secretly wondering, ‘Are my melons bouncing too much? Did anyone notice me? How can I paddle fast and not have them move around?’ It’s a constant cause for worry until I get home and change into a comfy outfit.”

“I feel like I’m a target for cat-calling and unwanted comments when I walk fast and can’t keep my chest firm. While my gal pals envy what I have, I really find it a nuisance!” commented Shenaya.

Some Of Us Can’t Catch A Break

“Another downside is when I sweat,” adds Tania. “Trust me, the round patches that appear on the front of my t-shirt are very unflattering.”

But, On A More Positive Note…

“Guys love hugs from me! And, other girls are jealous of my voluptuousness. So I guess I gotta make the best of it!” winked Tania.  

Ladies, what are your big-chested problems? Leave a comment.

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