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Say ‘Cheese’! Your Guide To A Camera-Ready Smile

Get ready for your close-up – your smile is about to get even more gorgeous!

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We all want a bright, white smile. It’s an indication of good health and can boost your confidence. However, our lifestyle choices, such as smoking and drinking coffee, can wreak havoc on our teeth, sometimes making them yellow and stained. Are your teeth in need of some TLC? Here are some tips to get your smile camera-ready:

Eat Correctly

Sugary foods are really bad for our teeth and can lead to cavities. Good snacks, such as apples, celery and fibre-rich veggies, help to keep plaque from building up.

Perfect Products

When it comes to toothpaste, using ones that are whitening is the way to go to keep your pearly whites gleaming. 

Keep ’Em Clean

This should go without saying, but making sure that you brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day is essential when it comes to having beautiful, healthy teeth. And, despite how you might feel about going to the dentist (eek!), you should schedule a visit every six months for a checkup and polish.

Tricks Of The Trade

Do you have any oral imperfections that you want to conceal for your close-up? A dab of Vaseline on a stain will help to hide it. Also avoid gold jewellery, which can bring out yellow tones, and be careful when choosing a lip colour – true reds and neutral shades are best at making teeth appear lighter and brighter.

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