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Must-Have Footwear For All The Kellas: The Trend You Need To Get With ASAP

Bright, fun and festive, they'll turn your feet (and day) into a party.

Pamod Nilru

It’s probably time for you to swap out your run-down Bata flip-flops for a fresh pair of sandals in preparation for the sunny months, right? Well, there is one style in particular that caught our eye. Why of course, we’re talking about pom pom sandals.

Yes, pom poms – the fun, poofy things cheerleaders usually hold. But think more colourful, smaller and on your flats. Now, we know you don’t need us to tell you this. You’ve probably already spotted these uber cute sandals on the feet of your favourite fashion-forward friends (both the ones IRL and your celebrity besties on Insta), but these beauties are all the rage now.

P.S. It’s not too late to get in on the trend.

Easy Breezy

Chill vibes, only. These colourful pom pom sandals will definitely steal the show. Keep the rest of your look simple by pairing these with laidback pieces. A classic shift dress, hat and crossbody mesh well with the shoes. Finish with a swipe of bright lippie to tie it all together.

Play It Cool

This sandal style of pom pommed, tasselled leather is typical of something you might pick up while on vacation in Barcelona. Make the most of your souvenirs by coordinating basic block colours into a casual daytime outfit to balance out your multi-colored footwear.

Pom pom sandals are the statement shoes you NEED this summer. Why not have a pair of shoes that can make an understated outfit stand out in a room? Will you look a little bit like a clown in a pair of these? Yes, yes you will. Will you get an intense burst of joy every time you look down at your feet? Yes, most definitely. But joy trumps clown-like every damn time.

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