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Uh Oh: Looks Like We’ve Been Applying Eye Cream All Wrong

This explains a lot.

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The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate — and while treating it with eye cream is a must, it’s equally important to do de-puff, hydrate, and treat fine lines with the *correct* technique i.e. not going overboard. Otherwise, you could be doing more damage than good by way of puffiness and stretching of the skin.

To ensure that our eye cream is doing right by us (and vice versa), we asked celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau to lay down the rules of applying it the right way and choosing a non-irritating formula.

1. Only apply eye cream to the orbital bone around the eyes.

“With clean hands, gently press the skin under the eyes until you find the bone just at the top of the cheek bone,” instructs Rouleau. “This is the area your eye cream is formulated to treat.”

2. Don’t apply it too close to the lash line.

“Every time you blink, your lashes will lift microscopic amounts of product, which might eventually get deposited into your eyes,” she explains. “Anything that enters the eyes can be an obvious irritant and cause unnecessary puffiness.”

3. Use only a small amount.

Remember: Eye cream migrates. “The cream you’ve rubbed all over your lids, for example, will move into your eyes all the faster because it has nowhere else to go,” she says. “When you yawn, it will push it up by the tears and when you rub your eyes it will press it in by your fingers. Make sure you leave a clear area around the eyes when applying cream and only apply to the bone area.”

4. Avoid oily ingredients.

When it comes to select a formula, two ingredients to avoid are mineral oil and petrolatum. “These heavy oils can weigh down the delicate skin tissue of the eye area and, over time, weaken elastin fibres causing premature wrinkles,” she explains. “Also, these can migrate into the eyes while you sleep and cause puffiness when you wake up in the morning.”

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