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6 Realities Of Not Having Any Social Media Accounts

(Except WhatsApp, because I’m not, like, dead.)

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I didn’t delete all my accounts after some profound realisation that social media was ruining my life; I just … never got into it in the first place. Here are the realities of being That One Person who isn’t on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

1. You have a lot more time.

Your life is much less governed by your phone. If you don’t check it first thing in the morning you won’t die, and if you forget it at home one day you’ll barely notice. Sure, you like reading your WhatsApps as much as the next person, but your phone has a lot less to check up on – and it’s kind of great.

2. Nobody ever makes you feel like you’re missing out.

Every time people talk about social media, they’re complaining about something. They’re moaning that they need to go on a purge of annoying Facebook friends, or that they’re sick of seeing that girl from high school’s perfect life on Instagram. In fact, barely anybody has told me that I’m missing out. Instead, they say I’m lucky.

3. It doesn’t negatively affect your life.

The one thing that worried me about not having social media was the inevitable job hunt. I thought potential employees would stalk me online, find nothing, and assume that I was an imaginary friend or a reformed axe murderer with a lot to hide. That’s not been the case, though. I guess it’s because 10 years ago everyone on the planet was employed without pre-stalking on Twitter.

4. Unless you’re super-close with them, people don’t remember your birthday.

But it’s cool, because your lack of Facebook means you won’t remember theirs, either. You have a mutual understanding and no hard feelings.

5. You’re not forgotten.

Just because you’re not on social media doesn’t mean you don’t exist. It doesn’t mean people will ignore you. The ones who really want to be in your life will find other ways to reach out that aren’t liking a Facebook comment or a tweet. Your name may not pop up on a timeline, but you still have a social life.

6. You have more time to focus on doing you.

It’s because you have fewer people in your life to compare yourself to. And that’s the best part of all.

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