Make The Most Of The Next Poya Holiday. Here Are A Few Tips To Plan A Spontaneous Day Trip. - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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Make The Most Of The Next Poya Holiday. Here Are A Few Tips To Plan A Spontaneous Day Trip.

It’s not that hard.

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Typically, we can’t wait for a mercantile holiday to hit so we can head out of town and take some well-deserved vacay.  Whether it’s to visit the Colombo Museum (channel your inner nerd!) or hang out at Café Kumbuk’s new outlet, we all love outings. But how do you plan a last-minute day trip down south or to the hills without tearing your hair out? Keep reading…Team Cosmo’s here to help.

Gather The Crew

Quickly jot down a list of friends who are just as spontaneous as you! Ideally, they should be up for anything at any time with minimum fuss. Give them a heads up that you’re planning a day out and to be prepared to head out on short notice. They’ll be glad that you gave them an early warning and will most likely clear their schedules to be with you.

Select The Date

Choosing the right day to travel on can be a bit tricky. What with Avurudhu holidays coming up, your friends might have other plans. Plus, it can get tiresome checking with each person what their availability is on any given day. Make a Whatsapp group and you’ll get all your intel in one go.

Pick Your Route

Hit Google and check for places within (or outside) of Colombo that you’ve never been to before. Your pals might love to visit a new town. Look for must-try dining spots, as well as activities to do when you get there. Call up the locations for ticket prices (if any), bookings, menus and such. Be sure to check the weather forecast ahead of time to avoid any sudden downpours.

Find Your Transportation

Choosing your mode of travel is also an important part of the journey. Are you going to be driving? Or do you prefer to hop on a train or bus from Pettah? Some destinations are not accessible via your own vehicles, whilst some take a long time to reach on public transport. A little bit of research will help decide how you will make it from Point A to Point B, and back home.

Make The Budget

Now that you’ve got all the vital parts out of the way, it’s time to finally make the budget. Pull up that excel sheet (if you’re super organised!) and add ticket prices for transport (or fuel charges), costs for meals and extra charges for places to visit. Create a rough estimate of the cost per head and include a little excess in case of emergencies.

Ready, set, travel!

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