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Here’s How To Make Your Makeup Last In The Lankan Weather

No sweat, LITERALLY!

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As we step into March, the rainy season is slowly coming to an end. But Mother Nature isn’t cutting us a break. We’re facing painful, scorching sun during the day and thunderstorms in the evenings. Since we can’t put off all our errands till the weather takes a turn for the best, here are a few ways to ensure your make-up doesn’t slip and slide while you’re out.


What can be more welcoming on a hot day than some ice. Rubbing some ice all over your face before putting on your makeup makes your pores temporarily seal up. This keeps all the oils and sweat at bay and gives your glam long life.


Nowadays, everyone swipes on translucent powder and brushes the residue away. But according to Daniel Chinchilla, celebrity makeup artist, pressing powder instead of brushing it in is the best way to make your make-up last. This gives your foundation a protective layer where your sweat will sit. You can just dab it away with some tissue paper.


Usually we just spritz on a good layer after we’re finished with our look. But, experts suggest using a setting spray after each step. For instance, one spritz after priming, another after foundation, and finally, when the whole face is completed. Since every step of the way is sealed in individually, the chances of your make-up coming off is brought down to a minimum. Come rain or shine, we swear your makeup won’t budge.

Now go forth and conquer this hot AF climate!

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