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Combating High Heel Hangover

Yes, it’s a real thing!

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If you’re like us, you love heels, but only slip into them occasionally. The other times you opt for flats or wedges (if you want the height). But perhaps a party or wedding calls for you to dress up, down to a pair of sexy stilettos. So you don your strappy shoes and proceed to dance up a storm, sending up a silent prayer for your feet to survive the night. You spend the evening grimacing in pain, and the next day is no different. Ah, the price of vanity!

As it appears, the less often you wear heels the more likely you are to feel stiffness, soreness and pain, better known as a High Heel Hangover. So how do you relieve your sore feet?


This definitely helps release stiffness from the legs. Get on the floor and get your yoga on. Bend over into a downward facing dog. You’ll give your muscles a much-needed stretch. Stay as long as you feel comfortable and repeat as necessary.


A long soak in hot water should definitely help your feet recover fairly swiftly. Add essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties—like aloe vera or eucalyptus—or further relief.


Take a break from the heels and stick to flats or sneakers for a couple of days. If feet are quite sore, stay in bed the following day and keep them elevated.

Does anyone have any other remedies to curing a high heel hangover?

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