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Meet The Vivacious Hijab-Wearing Model Who’s Lighting Up The Runway

She’s inspiring women of all ethnicities to follow their dreams.

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Halima Aden is the talk of the global fashion community and in all the right ways. Aden, clad in a hijab strutted her stuff at New York Fashion Week. She made her debut in Kanye West’s New York show and later, created ripples at Milan Fashion Week.

19-year-old Aden is a Somali-American who was born in a Kenyan refugee camp and moved to the US at the age of 6. She was first seen at the Miss Minnesota USA pageant in November 2016, where she wore a burkini during the swimwear segment. Since then she’s graced the cover of CR Fashion Book, proving that it doesn’t matter how old you are or what the colour of your skin is, you really can have it all!

She’s been making headlines insisting designers should represent women of all cultures on the runway. This includes those wish to wear modest clothing. Her goal is to encourage more young women to demand that they’re represented in fashion.

We think this gorgeous young woman is well on her way to doing just that!

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