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Must-Have Gym Bag Essentials For Every Girl

What’s missing in yours?

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We all love a good workout. It improves health and makes us look and feel good. However, it’s not simply walking into a room full of exercising machines and then hopping on one of them. You need to have the right gear before, during and after you work out. So the next time you head to the gym, make sure you’ve got these necessities in tow.

Gym Bag

A sturdy pack with ample space to stuff all your things is a good start. Invest in a high-quality material so you can use it for a longer time, even while carrying heavy loads

Workout Outfit

A well-fitting pair of pants and a tank top or t-shirt are ideal for the gym. This includes a good sports bra to make sure everything stays in place. Normal clothes will only slow you down and you might only embarrass yourself by ripping your tights or popping a button.

Gym Shoes

Your feet need the right kind of support during your gruelling workout. Go for a sporty or colourful pair to protect your limbs (from potential accidents) and keep you looking stylish.


Exercising in only shoes is a blister waiting to happen. So don’t forget to throw in a pair of socks to wear underneath your footwear.

Lip Balm

Dried out, peeling or split lips do you no favours. Grab a tube of chapstick to use before beginning your workout and after you’ve washed your face.


Washing your face once your workout is done will prevent sweat from causing acne. You’ll also be refreshed until you can go home and take a shower.


It’s difficult to exercise with sweat dripping down your brows and stinging your eyes. Slippery hands can also pose a problem when holding weights or bars. Keep a microfiber-based towel stashed in your bag at all times.

Hairbands & Clips

Strands falling into your face is unflattering and will only affect your routine. Tie up your locks firmly and clip back any flyaways that might interfere.


After exercising, it’s natural to sweat but no one wants to stay stinky. So make sure you always have a freshening deo on hand.

Water Bottle

The best way to keep yourself hydrated is drinking small amounts of water throughout your workout. Have a reusable one that you can keep refilling, instead of buying a new one each time you visit the gym.

Healthy Snacks

All that exercising is bound to make you hungry. Stock up on nutrition bars to munch on as you head home in time for dinner.

You’re all set!

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