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Amazing Uses For Clear Nail Polish Every Girl Should Know

It’s not just for your fingers.

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Every gal who loves her manicures and pedicures will definitely own a bottle of clear polish. But most of you are probably not be aware that this beauty item has so many uses. From a last-minute adhesive to a quick-fix for your clothing, here’re some reasons to keep this little baby on hand, always.

Waterproof Labels

Got a wedding card to post? Maybe you just need to send a university application the old-fashioned way. Names and addresses written (or printed) on envelopes tend to get smudged en route to their destinations. A coat of clear polish will keep this problem at bay.

Prevent Rusting

Tiny scratches or indents on the body of your vehicle can lead to rusting. Eventually it’ll make the damage more visible. Protect the affected areas with a layer of clear polish and problem solved! You can use this to coat any metal object. The polish acts as a barrier against atmospheric gases that cause rusting.

Fix Unravelling Shoelaces

All laces come undone after a certain amount of time. To stop it in its tracks, dip the end of the shoelace into the bottle of clear polish. Twist the pinch the frayed ends into place and let dry. You can follow up with another coat of polish for a more durable finish.

Seal Envelopes

Tired of licking the icky gum around the edge of the envelope? Or simply can’t find glue at home? Just dab some clear polish around the seal and ta-da! The job is done without any hassle.

Tighten Screws

Apply two coats of polish around any loose screws and fix them in place. Watch your worries disappear as the liquid serves as an adhesive. You won’t ever have to fret about shaky furniture.

Protect Jewellery

No more irritated skin after wearing your fave accessories. Simply paint a thin layer of clear polish over the metal areas of your jewellery and dry thoroughly. Your bling will be protected from losing their shine, turning green and getting tarnished.

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