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Journaling: Why You Should As An Adult

It’s more useful than you may think.

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All of us have kept a diary when we were younger. A fight with our best friend, failing an exam, and obsessing over the newest pop star are just a few details chronicled within the pages of a hidden book. It was a means of self-expression and letting out stress. As years go by, we find it harder to write down anything, let alone our feelings. Lack of time or being occupied by social media has made us turn away from journaling.

However, experts have pointed out that maintaining a diary during our adult years holds many benefits. Here’s why you should grab a book and a pen today.

Fuels Creativity

Remember those crazy ideas that hit you as soon as you wake up? What about a dress you saw on TV and wanted to replicate? Keeping a notebook nearby at all times will ensure that all your brilliant ideas will not be forgotten. You can always flip through the pages and bring your concepts to life, later. Always carry some coloured pens, a pair of scissors and glue for those light-bulb moments that need to be included in your book ASAP. It also makes for great reading!

Tracks Your Tasks

Got a whole load of stuff to finish today? Maybe you need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow’s meeting. Or get the grocery shopping done and plan a surprise party for mum. Jot down your to-dos in your journal with details on how you want them completed. That way, you’ll be able to monitor your daily schedule and you’ll have a better idea of your progress. It’s also a useful method for brainstorming your goals and strategizing how you want to succeed in life. Write down any obstacles, unexpected windfalls and opportunities. You’ll wind up with a clearer vision of what’s next.

Collects Memories

Remember your very first solo project at work? How about that time you were given a promotion after a successful ad campaign? Recording moments like these is a great way to motivate yourself.  You’ll also revive all the good and bad memories. Add pictures and photos to keep things interesting. You’ll find yourself writing more, just so you can revisit the good times.

So head over to the nearest bookshop or click online to buy yourself a journal and start writing. It’s worth the effort, we promise!

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