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Tune Into These Male Beauty Vloggers Who Are Currently Killing The Glam Game!

They slay like NBD.

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YouTube has risen to fame as one of the biggest video sharing sites in the world and the varieties shared on it are endless. Among the many available, the genre “beauty” has been—and will continue to be—wildly popular. (Who can resist makeup?) From tutorials to product reviews, this has been an amazing source of information and has helped us all in nailing that perfect contour or that brow on fleek. Another great thing about makeup is that it’s easily accessible and relevant, and this is undeniably proven by these male vloggers. They show us that the world of beauty has no boundaries and they conquer the makeup world one day at a time. Add them to your inspo list for a full-on beauty ride.

1. Manny Gutierrez

This makeup artist is a true genius in putting out amazing makeup looks that can be worn by anyone, anywhere in the world. Be it an all-neutral or a look combining some crazy greens and blues, Manny knows how to make it look perfect and wearable AF.  Having more than 2 million subscribers, he’s a trusty source for when you’re in a glam jam.


2. Patrick Starr

With a motto of “makeup is one size fits all,” Patrick is another star that’s makes it really hard to not like him.  He’s honest, hilarious, bubbly and a true whiz with makeup, so, what more do we need to say? Go watch one of his videos now and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with him, instantly.


3. Bretman Rock

This teen debuted on Vine with his hilarious clips that were relatable and had us doubled up in laughter. With over 5 million Instagram followers and 1 million subscribers, he’s slowly climbing up the ladder to becoming a very influential MUA. From hosting Miss Universe to funny commentaries on his tutorials, he’s one to tune into whenever you’re in need of a good smokey eye and a laugh.


4. Jeffree Star

We’re pretty sure we don’t need to introduce him to you but just in case you didn’t know, he’s a wildly popular androgynous makeup guru. And we’re not exaggerating when we say he puts the “drama” in the dramatic when it comes to his glam looks. From high-end to drugstore product reviews to very out-there looks, Jeffree, with his successful line of cosmetics should most definitely be on your must-watch list.

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