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Up Your Productivity With This App

It’s really a game changer.

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Do you switch between different apps to list your groceries, type out your weekly gym routine, plan itineraries for your upcoming trip or research your next project? Then you might be barking up the wrong trees! In the era of technology, nearly all our work (at office or home) revolves around an electronic device like phone, laptop or tab. Instead of using multiple apps, opting to use just one will save you time and energy.

Evernote is the way to go. It has often been referred to as an “external brain” and we have to agree. It’s the ideal application for taking down notes, organizing and even archiving. You can also add photos of a menu, images of your dream house, scanned documents, business cards and so much more.  Evernote is the perfect program that effectively lets you manage your personal and professional lives. You can easily search through all the data, find things in minutes and never forget anything, ever again.

Create Notes And Notebooks

After you’ve set up your Evernote account (available for PC and Windows, FYI!), clicking on ‘New Note’ will allow you to create whatever you fancy. You can capture a photo, write an assignment, record audio, upload a PDF, create a to-do list and more. If you’re researching online and putting together a report, you can save each snippet of information and collate them in separate notes and provide appropriate ‘Tags’. This will help you swiftly search for a document.

For further organization, you can open different ‘Notebooks’ for various subjects. Work, Travel, Grocery Lists and Recipes are a few suggestions. Under each of these topics you can create sub-folders, collectively known as ‘Stacks’. For example, under Recipes you might have three folders—‘Breakfast,’ ‘Lunch/Dinner’ and ‘Desserts’—to help plan your next vacay.

You can make as many notebooks and stacks as you like and organize them as you wish. Evernote has a lot of flexibility so you don’t feel constricted. If you’re planning a trip with friends and want them in on what you’ve researched so far, you can ‘Share Notebook’ either publicly or to certain individuals. It’ll save you from spending time emailing links or information.

To-Do Lists And Note-Taking With Reminders

On the go and using the app to check off your to-dos? No problem. Evernote allows you to create check boxes (so you can tick off your completed tasks as you finish them), and you can even set reminders for yourself. You can chose how you’d like to be reminded—in the form of push notifications or email alerts.

The mobile version also tags via location. So if you’re on your way home in a tuk-tuk and have a moment of inspiration for a new line of clothes or a possible article (and you don’t have a pen and paper handy), open up Evernote and create a new note. The program will easily recall where you were at the time you wrote it down. So you can search ‘Horton Place,’ if you don’t recall the title you gave this note.

Utilize The Internet Extension

Whenever we’re randomly searching online, we stumble upon various topics that can be interesting and riveting. Bookmarking the website never does much good, because you wind up doing this for oh-so-many that it kind of gets lost. The Evernote Web Clipper is the perfect solution. It allows you to ‘clip’ (a portion or the entire page) and save to whatever Notebook you chose, adding a suitable Tag. What’s more, the webpages can also be annotated using a range of tools included within the Clipper. You can share the clipped page to social media or email it to a friend. Works for Chrome, Safari and Opera.

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