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Here’s How To Get The Most Of Your Makeup Brushes

Be the thrifty princess your momma taught you to be.

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Oh, the woes of makeup lovers living on this tiny island. Buying cosmetics break our banks, and then buying the brushes to apply them literally drives us over the overdraft. (The. Struggle .Is .Real.) Since they cost a fortune, why not get the optimum out of ‘em?

Here’s how:

1. Use your brushes to perfect the placement of your contouring. Place the holding end of the brush directly underneath your cheekbones and angle it so it’s parallel to the top edge of your ear.

2. You don’t need to save up money to buy a contouring brush (invest in some fries instead). Just place a strong bobby pin through a fluffy powder brush!

3. Use your spoolie brush or an old mascara wand to keep your baby hairs or fly-aways in place. Spritz it with some strong-hold hairspray and we swear they won’t move (even under duress!).

4. If you’re a fellow beauty blender convert, then it’s quite likely that your old flat foundation brushes are lying around. Show them some TLC by using them to apply your masks. Whether it’s a DIY with chunky fruits or a store-bought mask, these brushes will ensure a smooth, even and easy AF application.

5. Another use for your concealer brush is to smudge your eyeliner. Yup, to achieve that slept-in rocker-chick-liner vibe, this is the way to go.

Brushes, smushes: now go and ace that glam game!

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