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The Perfect Recipe For A Date At The Movies

Hint: It involves food.

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Running out of options on date night ideas? With all the blockbusters hitting the big screen this year, you can’t really go wrong with an evening at the cinema, especially if you both are movie buffs! But what really adds to your cinematic experience (other than your S.O, obvs)? The answer to this question is food! Having suitable snacks will make your experience that much more memorable.

Here are our favourite movie theater munchies.

Always. Get. Popcorn

Popcorn is bae. It’s the ultimate snack and the best companion when things get teary or action-packed. Sometimes, the popcorn available at the cinema isn’t all that great, so sneak in your own.


Yeah, this is probably not the healthiest of options, however, who can say no to a slice of cheese lovers?


A game day must. #GrilledCheeseStuffedCrust

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Magic Corn

Available with a range of toppings, this quick snack is fuss-free and hides easily in your bag.


This is my kinda salad! #magiccorn #spicy #instafood

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No doubt about it, candy bars are always a win. Pick up the smaller sizes to avoid over-indulging.

Cold Treats

Craving something sweet and cold? Try a Popsicle in your favourite flavour. Be sure to have a pack of tissues on standby to avoid spills.


Colour POPsicle. How magic are these pastels ???? #ambrdesigns

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Customized grub

If you’ve got a bit of time on your hands and want to impress the BF with your mad cooking skills, pack a bag of treats you prepped yourself — sandwiches, hot dogs, even homemade pizza. Throw in some cut fruit and nuts if you’re both fitness enthusiasts.

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