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Escape The PMS Junk Food Trap With These Tips

Stop caving to that craving.

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Sometimes it feels like the week before your period is nature’s way of playing a big fat joke on you. From chocolaty treats to salty snacks, many women experience intense cravings and ravenous appetites well before their periods. It’s that dreaded time of the month when PMS messes with your bod and triggers annoying symptoms such as bloating, endless mood swings, and breakouts. All you want to do is binge-watch Friends and indulge in some heavenly sugary junk.

Here’s how to make sure your PMS cravings don’t sabotage your goals.

Eat Six Small Meals

Try to resist the urge to reach for cake, chips and chocolate, as these will allow your PMS symptoms to thrive. Your willpower is already waning, and if you’re overly hungry, carb cravings just get even stronger. The best thing you can do is to avoid feeling famished so your crazy cravings don’t cause you to pig out. Aim to snack at least every three hours to keep the hunger at bay. Smaller, more frequent meals such as nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables will keep your blood sugar levels at bay and help control cravings.

Work It Out

High-intensity workouts such as jumping jacks, hill sprints, lifting heavy weights or even a good ol’ cardio sesh in short repetitions definitely do the trick to beat those insatiable cravings. Exercising will not only improve your mood significantly by elevating endorphins, but it will also help eliminate cramps, bloating and munchies. Blast your favourite music and get moving!

Ease Up On The Caffeine And Vino

PMS can leave you feeling exhausted and, well, more than a little bleurgh, so the instinct might be to reach for a coffee fix to pick you up, but try and refrain. We know it seems brutal, but the dehydrating and depressing effects of caffeine and alcohol are only going to make your cravings worse. Stick to one cup of coffee or tea in the morning and try to skip happy hour for a few days when your cravings are at their worst.

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