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How To Preserve Your Leftovers

To toss or not to toss?

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At some point, we’ve all over-ordered take-out and were left with a fair amount of remnants. We’ve also been victim to poorly kept food, which resulted in an upset tummy when we tried to consume it the next day.

Proper storage of food and knowing when it’s time to throw them in the trash are vital to ensuring your stomach doesn’t suffer from your bad choices. Read on to find out how to save the remains of your Friday night’s dinner.

1. Freeze food as soon as possible.
This will help retain the dish’s flavour, nutrition and texture. The longer you wait to pop food into the freezer, the more likely bacteria will develop.

2. Be sure to use containers that are freezer-friendly.
Ziploc bags and cling-wrap not only keep food properly preserved, they’re also a great way to save space in your fridge. 

3. Portion out the food.
Before you pop your dishes into the freezer, divide them into equal serving sizes. Your mornings will be hassle-free and the thawing process will be faster. 

4. Cool food completely
To avoid that yummy chicken curry from spoiling, wait until the dish reaches room temperature or is no longer hot, before freezing.

5. Reheat properly.
When you’re ready to eat, properly reheat the food. Microwave on high to kill any bacteria that manages to grow. 

6. Rely on your sense of smell.

No matter how good your intentions are or how well you keep your food, there’s always the off-chance that it can go bad, at the time of consumption. So always take a whiff, before chowing down. If it smells off, steer clear. Investing in an insulated bag (especially if you decide to take your leftovers to work) where food is kept warm or cold with an ice pack, might prevent food from going bad.

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