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7 Things Everyone Hates About Sri Lankan Weddings

‘Cause it’s nothing short of a Hindi movie!

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1. The ceremonies rarely start on time.

There’s nothing worse than arriving at the reception hall only to find that the main participants are yet to make an appearance. Annoying AF!

2. The agony of getting dressed up for a few hours where you’re less likely to have fun.

Can you imagine the expenses to buy a present, get a salon appointment and find a suitable ride to and from the venue? Yep, it’s all for that short, uncomfortable period of time.

3. Tiny, barely-enough snacks and drinks are provided until the feast.

Most times, the main courses are served late, by which time your stomach is rumbling loudly, or you’re facing a gastritis attack. No to both!

4. The legion of aunties and uncles who trap you in awkward talk.

These old souls wait patiently for their unsuspecting prey to reach a suitable distance and then pounce with no mercy. Questions such as ‘Whose daughter are you?’, ‘Are you married?’ ‘How old are you?’ ‘Where do you work?’ are expected so it’s best to be prepared for such ambushes. Someone save us already!

5. The insane number of outfit changes.

If you’re a close member of the party, then you’ve been witness to a variety of clothing items in this order – the engagement, the pre-shoot, the wedding, post-wedding, homecoming, going away and what-not. Is this a fancy dress parade or what?

6. Inconvenient locations.

The to-be-wedded pair often pick a hotel that is lodged in some hard-to-pronounce town, where the destination is virtually unknown. Google Maps are no help at this point and no one gives you proper directions. After several wrong turns (cue scary music) and a bit of luck, you reach the venue tired as hell and cranky to the core.

7. The various kinds of performances.

As of recent times, we get to see a surprise dance (which is not so surprising), a badly-choreographed welcome dance and the must-have couple dance. But the icing on top of the cake is once the drinks are flowing and everyone lets loose on the dance floor. At the worst, you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment of uncles busting weird dance moves to Ranbari.

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