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How To Take Your Selfie Game From Zero To Kim K In 20 Seconds

We show you how to take your best selfie yet.

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Trust Kim to turn the humble selfie into an art form.

Once upon a time, a selfie was nothing but a quick snap, a novelty of the first generation of smartphones sporting a front-facing camera.

Since then, it has become a staple of pop culture. The term has made it into the dictionary, and Kim Kardashian even published a coffee-table book to showcase her best selfies. But as the cult of the selfie continues to rise, so do the standards. A grainy, badly lit image just won’t do. To get the selfie that counts (and rise in the social media ranks) we all need a little professional help.

It’s All About The Lighting.


#Mood. #miamimakesmehappy

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Every star known to selfiedom agrees on one thing: it’s good light or nothing. Jennifer Lopez recommends opening your front camera, then slowly moving in a circle until the light hits your face. The Selfie Matriarch (Kim K, of course) has selfie lighting set up in her home – and if she’s in a badly lit area, she opts for moodier selfies. Her favourite destination for an impromptu self-shoot? Airplane bathrooms, of all places, have the best selfie light, according to Mrs West.

Think Like A Photographer.


girls on film, a @vogueparis #chanelfie ?

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If you’ve ever been near a professional photoshoot, you’ll notice the photographer hovering a large white board near the subject’s face. This is to reflect light – it instantly brightens the face. Make your own by holding a piece of white paper under your chin (not visible to the camera, of course!).

Go For Glow.

Once your lighting is perfect, make sure your makeup works on (front) camera. Now is the time to bust out the highlighter: sweep underneath the arches of your brows to emphasise how perfectly sculpted they are, dab onto the Cupid’s bow for a perfect pout, and brush onto cheekbones for angles that can cut diamonds.

Try A Trend

If your selfie is going straight to the ’gram, it has to have standout appeal. Try that slightly unwearable but oh-so-good look that you saw on the runway, or the beauty trend dominating your Pinterest boards. From pink eyebrows to glitter gloss, a slightly out-there look is sure to rack up the likes.

Know Your Angles

Repeat after us: always from above, never from below. Taking a photograph from a low angle can create unflattering shadows on your face, while taking it slightly from above enhances your features.

Find Your Filter.


Wearing Yeezy Season with Yeezy

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Kendall Jenner doesn’t believe in filters and chooses instead to simply brighten her face using Instagram’s editing tool. Kim, on the other hand, swears by a variety of editing apps to ensure her skin always looks flawless.

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