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Beware: These Foods Make Your Period Worse.

For the next time Aunt-Flo comes to town.

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We all have that one week in the month, where we curl up into a ball and die in pain. Jokes apart, shark week is the worst and to somehow live through the agony, we reach for comfort food.  Among these munchies there might be some foods that make your periods take a turn for the worse. Read on to find out what they are, so you can avoid them the next time around.

1. Coffee

The caffeine found in coffee is instrumental in constricting the blood vessels. And this in turn increases your cramps and the pain. Tea has relatively less caffeine, so switch to this beverage for the week, to get your fix.

2. Salty Food

Stop yourself reaching for those fries. Yes, we know, chips usually cure everything, but the sodium (found in salt) causes extreme bloating. Not only does this add to any existing puffiness, it increases discomfort, as well.

3. Sugar

Put “bitter” in front of sweet and you’ve got yourself what sugar really does for you. It’s harmful for any kind of pain, as it has inflammatory properties, and even works in increasing those terrible spasms. So skip the donuts, and reach for a fruit to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings.

4. Red Meats

Cuts such as goat, beef and pork contain arachidonic acid, which stimulates the release of a prostaglandin hormone. This hormone is what makes the uterine muscles (same ones that push out a baby) contract to expel the buildup down there. So, when the hormone level rises, the cramping gets crazy bad.

5. Dairy

Milk, cheese, ice cream, yoghurt or any dairy product contain the same acid that’s found in meats. So, again, these contribute to an increase in bloating and cramping. It’s in your best interests to steer clear of this food group.

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