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Hassle-Free Travel Tips Before You Actually Jet Set

Save yourself the time and stress.

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Most of us love exploring new countries and cultures, however, we don’t relish the anxiety that rears its ugly head during the preparation process. Have no fear, because there are ways you can navigate around the stress and look forward to your next destination. Try the following tips, before you even board your flight:

Fly At A Time That Works For You

When booking flights, going with the cheapest option may not always be the best idea. There are other factors to consider other than price. If you’d much rather travel during the day because you’re a morning person, then a night flight, although inexpensive, might end up being a horrible experience.

Avoid Weekends

Often, airfare during the week is less expensive, as more people plan their trips around Saturday and Sunday. Airlines generally hike up their prices on the weekend.

Reserve Ahead Of Time

Book your tickets well in advance.  Not only will planning your trip early leave you less stressed, but you’ll also score good deals on the flights you actually want.

Print Copies Of Your Itinerary

Once you’ve reserved your tickets, take a printout of the flight summary or boarding pass. Also be sure to save these documents onto your phone or tablet, just in case. Having a hard copy on hand will save you needless trouble in the event your electronic device fails you.

Know What Time Your Flight Leaves

Sounds like silly advice, yes, we know. But, quite a few people don’t know exactly what time their flight is and when they should be in the airport. Make sure you know exact times and ensure you arrive early to check-in and avoid any long queues.

Online Check-In

Needless to say, checking in prior to your departure, will save a fare bit of time at the counters. Plus, you have the choice of picking your seat on the aisle of your preference, in case the flight is full.

Head To A Money Changer

Always change any money into foreign currency while you’re still in Sri Lanka, ideally, before you even get to the airport to avoid any exorbitant commission fees. The last thing you want is to board your plane only to realize you forgot to change your money.

Book Your Airport Drop

Order your cab well in advance to avoid any delays. Most taxi services offer special rates for an airport drop. But, if you’d rather not call, then opt to make your reservation on either Pick Me or Uber.

Soon, you’ll be a pro at travelling and dodging potential pitfalls of planning overseas trips!

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