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Fringe – The TV Series: Five Reasons Why You Should Watch It

You don’t need to be a science fiction fan!

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Various fantasy genres have taken over the world of entertainment. Aliens and life on other planets are ranked amongst the most trending. Fringe – despite being cast in the sci-fi category – is certainly not your average drama with conflicting roles, obvious plot holes and confusing storylines. It’s a wonderfully laid-out journey of interconnected characters on two parallel Earths. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a smashing 92%, while IMDb marked it a solid 8.5/10. An online article also stated that a global poll conducted by the renowned entertainment magazine, Watch and Listen, showed that Fringe was voted the No. 1 TV show ever created.

Here’s why you should check out this amazing show.

1. The entire show is complete, so binge-watching is a good way to get into what it’s all about. Each of the 5 seasons are connected to each other in a sensible manner. Although the going gets tough during the first few episodes, the tale later flows smoothly. The best thing is that there are almost no gaping loopholes or unanswered questions by the time the drama concludes.

2. The relatively small cast does a great job of portraying solid and compelling characters. They develop so well over the seasons that we can’t help falling in love with them. Their stories are so relatable that we’re certain you’d eventually get sucked into their lives. There are plenty of cliffhangers and action-packed scenes that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. And of course there are heart-warming moments that’ll have you reaching for a tissue.

3. The attention to detail is very thought-provoking, especially with the regular appearance of symbols (or glyphs). Once you get into the swing of watching this show, you’ll understand how these clues reveal what happens next. Special mention: The visual effects are nicely done and not over dramatic.

4. Watching the progression of the story opens your mind to a multitude of possibilities that could exist in the world. It’s a fact that we know very little about the universe and how it functions. Fringe will make you thirsty for knowledge on the unknown, both on Earth and in outer space. Let’s not forget the science featured in the show will have you Googling before you know it!

5. How often can you say you’ve watched a sci-fi show with a real cow? Yup, Gene, is your average animal, providing comic relief when it’s needed the most.

Let us know your thoughts after watching Fringe.

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