Planning Your Sister’s Sleepover? We Have You Covered With These Fun Activities. - Cosmopolitan Sri Lanka
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Planning Your Sister’s Sleepover? We Have You Covered With These Fun Activities.

Coz girls, just wanna have fun!

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Slumber parties are a vital part of any teenager’s life and if you’ve got a female sibling who just hit puberty, then it’s up to you (the good older sister) to make sure she makes a few memories to remember. Not to mention, what’s stopping you from calling up a few of your own gal pals to join in the fun and relive a by-gone period of your lives.

Set Up A Photo Booth

Clear an area in a room to make a fun backdrop complete with lots of funny props to use when taking the photos. A decent camera phone (hello, iPhone 7!) will suffice, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a DSLR camera on hand too! If you’ve got a printer, you can print out the pictures to be framed and given to your friends as keepsakes.

Get Cooking

Ask the attendees to bring various ingredients and have a cooking session in the kitchen. The internet provides many simple, yet delicious recipes that even an amateur could make in no time. You can even freeze extra food for next day’s breakfast (waffles with honey and strawberries, anyone? YUM!) Perhaps one of them will surprise you with their super culinary skills.

Try Out A Makeover

Pull out your makeup and wardrobe supplies and give each other makeovers. Make them as funny or daring as possible with funky colours and combinations. Compete with each other to see who can come up with the most hilarious version. Act out an impromptu skit or drama to crank up the fun level and you’ll all be laughing your heads off in no time.

Have A Dance-Off

Play all your favourite dance tracks and pick partners to battle with. You can show off your moves or improvise according to the song if you’re simply doing it for gags. They can be filmed and compiled into one video in remembrance of the party. Of course, make sure to filter the bad ones so they don’t end up being played on your wedding day!

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