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Natural Remedies For A Luscious Mane

‘Cause organic is the way to go!

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Coconut oil

Containing several beneficial properties, this must-have ingredient includes nutrients such as essential fats, minerals and proteins. Not only does it promote hair growth, but also conditions your locks without causing any damage to the strands or scalp.

How to:

Warm the desired amount of (preferably) virgin coconut oil. Massage it gently into the hair, from root to tip by applying slight pressure with your fingers. Leave on for 45 mins – 1 hr and then wash thoroughly.


Rich in sulphur, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, zinc and protein, this kitchen staple will help your tresses grow by preventing or controlling hair fall.

How to:

Mix the white of an egg with a teaspoon of olive oil and beat it into a paste. Apply it to your entire head and keep it on for 15 – 20 mins before rinsing with cool water and a mild shampoo.

Aloe Vera

This medicinal plant abundant with good properties, contains enzymes that directly assists growth of healthy locks. What’s more, its alkalizing properties aid in bringing the pH of the scalp and hair to a more favourable level.

How to:

Break off a leaf from the plant and rub the gel onto your scalp. Leave on for a few hours and then wash with lukewarm water. Repeat this process three to four times a week.

Now you can welcome beautiful, healthy hair! Whipped up similar concoctions? Tell us in the comments below.

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