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4 Easy-Breezy Kitchen Hacks For The Lazy Girl

‘Cause we know it’s haaard, but we have your back.

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Eating healthy has always been the dream and now, more so, as the new year begins. We’ve resolved to consume nourishing wholesome food throughout 2017, but typically, this is easier said than done. It can get time consuming and we’re very often rushing out the door. So here are some of our top tips for all the lazy ladies who have good intentions, but wouldn’t mind a few shortcuts to help get there.

Peanut Butter

Keep a jar handy as this protein-rich butter can be eaten in several ways. PB contains healthy fats which will keep your heart healthy and reduce cholesterol. Above all, for the lazy girl, this is the ultimate effortless snack. Smear some on slices of apple for a healthy snack that is sure to curb any sweet cravings. Try it with bananas or celery too. No matter what you put in on, it’s a proven fact that peanut butter improves the taste of any food. Yum!

Meal Prep

The key to staying healthy is preparation. All the fitness gurus you follow on Instagram do it and you know you should too, but, well, it never gets done. This year, make it a point to get into a routine to prep your meals for the week, ahead of time. Portion them out into different containers and pop them in the freezer. Take them out as needed. This sure beats having to wake up a little earlier every morning to attempt cooking lunch for that day. If you wind up running late (um, always!), you’ll just end up eating out, packing on the pounds and losing nutrition. So save yourself the trouble each A.M and even catch extra zzz’s, once you’ve prepped your food for the week.

Drink More Water

Getting enough H20 in your system will keep you feeling fuller and curb your hunger pangs. So drink a pint prior to each meal, and you’ll be less inclined to overeat, resulting in weight loss (bonus points!). A study reported that obese adults who drank 500ml of water half an hour before consuming any food, saw a drop in their weight of more than 4kg over a period of 12 weeks. Bottom line: make sure you have at least glass before a meal. And remember, on average, you should drink about 2 liters each day.

No Mess Pasta

This one’s for the macaroni lovers. Don’t you just hate it when you’re boiling a pot of pasta and it keeps over flowing? Cleaning dried up starch off the stove, once you’re done, is little short of a nightmare. So save yourself the trauma and try this hack. Keep a wooden spoon across the pot. It’ll prevent any spillage when the water boils to the brim. Weird? Yeah, we know. But it works!


It really does work!! #woodenspoon #cookingpasta

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What are your go-to hacks in the kitchen?

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