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Blorange (Blonde + Orange) Is Our Latest Hair Colour Obsession

It's the perfect holiday pastel.

Bleach London

On the cusp of the holiday season, orange was the Rainbow-Brite hair colour we couldn’t get enough of. From the softer ? hues to Leeloo-in-The-Fifth-Element brights, the fiery shade was a perfect complement to the turning leaves and, dare we say it, our pumpkin spice lattes. But as December arrived, and we brace ourselves for decidedly dreary weather, we want hair that matches our moodiness.



A photo posted by Georgia May Jagger (@georgiamayjagger) on

Enter the perfect pastel: Blorange, which is—you guessed it—blonde + orange. Created by the empress of crazy AF hair colors, Bleach London’s Alex Brownsell, her test subject was none other than Georgia May Jagger who has become her dye-job guinea pig of sorts.

While Jagger is naturally blonde, Brownsell dyed her hair Bowie orange, then gradually pared the colour back to a washed-out blorange. First, with a shade that leaned more red, and then with another that trended more yellow.


Further experiments in blorange thanks @alexbrownsell

A photo posted by Georgia May Jagger (@georgiamayjagger) on

As far as we’re concerned, both takes provide just the right amount of warm”pop” amidst chilly temperatures and overcast skies, and thus we’re bracing ourselves to become full-fledged GMJ copycats. But a word of caution for those planning to do the same—orange is notoriously the hardest dye to get out. So think before you peroxide.


Princess Peach by @lorenmiles for @helenmagyar

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Apricot ends by @lorenmiles

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