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Incredible Smart Phone Hacks That Are A Game Changer

Tried and Proven!

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Love them or hate them, you can’t ever part with your mobile. It’s your go-to for pretty much everything, from hailing your Uber to listening to music at the gym to checking the weather to reading the latest novel to storing photos and documents. So get the most out of your device and maximize on of all its features.

Try these shortcuts that are bound to help you out of a few dire situations. You’re welcome.

Use Your Phone Case

Hide cash and ID in between your phone and its case. This is ideal for a night on the town, when you don’t want to be carrying too much with you.

Add An Emergency Contact

If you’re heading to a concert or public event, change your phone background to a picture of your name and emergency contact number. Type it in a Notes app, screenshot it, and set it as your lock screen wallpaper. If you do lose it, hopefully whoever finds it will be kind enough to return it to its rightful owner!

Airplane Mode

Is your battery down to a dangerously red line and you need to charge it quickly? Switch on airplane mode and it’ll charge faster. Playing Candy Crush and annoying ads keep popping up? Toggle on this mode, and you’ll be able to play ad free!

Hotel TVs Are A Life Saver

On holiday and you only brought your cable? Fret not. Most hotel TVs have a USB port at the back that will charge most phones.

Music On Demand

Place your phone in a heavy glass or cup the next time you play music. The resonance created inside the tumbler will boost sound. Now amp up the volume!

Ziploc Bags

These handy baggies are not just for storing food. Next time you hit the beach, pop your phone into one and keep sand and water away.

Do you have any other mobile phone hacks that are a must-know? Leave a comment below!

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