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This Is The One Surprising Thing You Need To Fix A Broken Nail

We knew our PG Tips obsession would come in useful one day.

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There’s nothing quite like getting your nails to that perfect length, only for one of the feckers to break on you and ruin all your chances of becoming a hand model.

Well, it turns out there is a hack you can use to salvage your broken nail and it doesn’t involve filing all your nails away to stumps, or sticking all your fingers together with Super Glue.

Eyeliner Addicts posted a video to their Facebook page showing us that the answer to our broken nail problems was right under our nose this entire time.

Yep, it turns out that tea bags aren’t just for dunking in hot water and no, we’re not talking about the other kind of tea bagging, you filthy people.

Step 1

Coat your nail in a clear base coat.

Step 2

Cut a square the size of your nail off a dry tea bag and stick on top of the clear base coat.


Step 3

Once dry, apply a top coat of clear nail polish over the tea bag.


Step 4

Once dry, use a nail file to file off the excess tea bag.


Step 5

Paint nails to cover the tea bag.


Et voilà, in your face broken nails.

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