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5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Sleep

Sweet dreams are made of these…

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Adequate sleep is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and when we skimp on catching those zzzs our bodies react negatively. Getting adequate shut-eye has countless health benefits.

Improve Memory

When you snooze, your mind is startlingly busy. So, through a process called memory consolidation, sleeps helps your brain commit new information to memory. If you’re trying to study, be it mental or physical, you absorb information to a certain point with practice. But while you’re asleep, something happens that makes you learn it better, allowing you to perform well when you wake up. You’ll be learning that new language or perfecting your badminton swing in no time!

Lower Stress

Having a rough time at the office? Trouble in paradise? Stress affects us emotionally, physically and behaviourally. In order to keep this in check and potentially reduce anxiety levels, getting a good night’s rest can certainly help.

Better Love Life

If you’re always exhausted, the chances of your sex life taking a back seat are quite high. Evidence indicate lack of sleep may be associated with lower testosterone levels in men. And what’s more, inadequate zzzs can affect your love life in general. On a date, but tired AF and you’re desperately trying to keep your eyes open? You’re better off taking a rain check and heading home to get some shut-eye.

Stronger Immunity

Are you falling sick often? Maybe it’s that cold that keeps coming back? Getting ill could possibly be linked to sleep. Studies have shown that if you sleep for 7 hours regularly for a few weeks, your immune system gets stronger.

Less Weight Gain

Getting ample amount of sleep can help you keep your weight in check. At the same time, losing out on sleep increases the risk of gaining those extra kilos. This happens partially due to behavioural reasons. If you’re overly tired, you’re less likely to cook a healthy dinner or go to the gym. The other reason is physiological. The hormone leptin (AKA the obesity hormone and also the starvation hormone) plays an important role in making you feel full. When you deny yourself sleep, leptin levels drop. This results in ‘hangry’ individuals. You’re not just tired but also hungrier and ultimately grumpier. The next thing you know, you’re reaching for that sugar donut or a bowl of mac and cheese (hello, comfort food!).

Sleep not just makes you feel better and banishes those under-eye dark circles, but it also is key to a healthy lifestyle. It benefits your weight, mind and much more. So make sure you hit the sack early to ensure you have at least 7 hours of rest.

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