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Staying Connected When Working Remotely

Yes, it’s important!

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You’ve taken the plunge, quit your desk job and started distance work. You don’t have an office yet, so working from home or your corner coffee shop will have to do for now.  Whether you’ve come from a strict bureaucratic culture or you’ve been freelancing your way throughout, transitioning into toiling away full-time from home can be difficult. And, staying connected, now more than ever, is very important. You’re working on your own with no other human interaction, so how do you stay relevant when you’re not physically going to the office?

Communicate Regularly And In Real Time.

Check in as often as you can with the people you work with closely. Whether it’s a conference call or an email to your colleagues with the latest news, staying in touch is important. Generally, work places start buzzing sooner than later during the day, so identify what hours are busiest at your company and make it a point to keep in touch at this time.

Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Stable.

Nothing is more frustrating than shifty Wi-Fi in the middle of a video conference or while you’re trying to email images, documents or PowerPoint presentations. So investing in a steady connection is important.

Answer Your Phone.

When so many options are available to stay connected, it’s easy to forget that an old school phone call can be very effective during critical times. Opt to pick up the phone for important discussions rather than sending an email.

Stay Social, Online And Offline.

Make a note to yourself to keep interacting with your colleagues. It’s tempting to become a recluse in your home office, but make an effort to drop your coworkers a text every now and then. If your place of employment is local, then attend company functions, from annual meetings to holiday parties. You might feel out of the loop at the start, but if you’ve been keeping in touch via phone or video calls, it’ll be a good opportunity to further the connection in real life.

Living in a digital world makes it easier than it has ever been to work and communicate outside of the office. But staying connected takes more effort. Technology is only half the solution; the right attitude and approach are required to make connecting really happen.

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