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Power Couples Of 2016

When it comes to having power in the celebrity world, two is definitely better than one.

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This lot was impressive enough all on their own but when together, they formed some of the all-time greatest power pairings. From David and Victoria to Kim and Kanye, we’re rounding up the hottest duos in entertainment, politics, fashion and beyond. Did someone say #RelationshipGoals?

1. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

Blake and Ryan met on the set of the superhero movie Green Lantern in 2011. Proud parents to two baby girls, the duo have continued to grow their careers and relationship.

2. Barack & Michelle Obama

Aside from their many career achievements, these two have been together a long time (since 1992) and can often be seen gushing about their romance to the public.

3. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Friends before they got it together, Kanye admitted to holding a torch for his missus for years. With two kids and an empire under their name, these two are here to stay.

4. David & Victoria Beckham

The couple that models in underwear ads together, stays together. Fashion goals, relationship goals, soccer goals, Victoria and David basically just give us all the goals.

5. Beyoncé & Jay Z

When it comes to modern day power couples though, not many come close to Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Practically owning the music industry, these two are worth mega bucks but also have one of the strongest unions in the biz.

6. Chris Pratt & Anna Farris

They are perfectly goofy together, and practically perfect in every way. Somewhere along the way, these two wrestled the “It Couple” title simply by brute adorableness alone.

7. David Burtka & Neil Patrick Harris

While they married in 2014, Neil and David have been together since 2004. There are quite a few couples on this list that we love (i.e. all of them), but Neil and David are easily the cutest of the cute.

8. Chrissy Tiegen & John Legend

This celebrity couple is the epitome of “relationship goals”. John Legend literally wrote the greatest love song of this generation about Chrissy. These two are beyond perfect for each other.

9. George & Amal Clooney

Together, the newlyweds are showstoppers on the red carpet, and champions of human rights.

10. Emily Blunt & John Krasinski

At first it seemed like nothing would ever top Krasinski’s fictional Office romance (Jim and Pam forever!). Then he met Emily Blunt, and the angels sang.

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