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Do You Live With A Fear Of Spiders?

It’s a battle of the two-legged vs. the eight-legged!

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The famous quote by Charles Darwin, “Survival of the fittest”, always comes to mind whenever I see a spider. It’s not the small, lightweight ones that bother me, but the humongous creatures with their seemingly endless feet and plump bodies that give me the creeps. Of course there are some of us who are terrified of any species, regardless of their size or colour.


Somehow, they sense your fear and crawl towards you at top speed, overcoming any obstacles in their path (Spidey sense, maybe?). What follows next is you running and screaming out of the room (woe to the poor neighbours!), or you smack it with whatever comes to hand, or jump around like a maniac (forget about your dignity at this time). If you decide to solve the problem yourself, perhaps be more prepared than this poor guy below.   


My strategy is to slowly edge out of the room and assign my mum to the spider-be-gone mission. She enters the ‘danger zone’ like a general, armed with a broom and insect repellant, and takes down the critter as if merely dusting a table (like countless other brave mothers do). We’re sure you too have a rescuer or possibly better ways to deal with this situation (we recommend NOT burning your house down, though!). To keep the creatures out, seal cracks and holes in walls, and close up any gaps beneath doors.

Let’s not forget the moments when you’re on your own, in the middle of the night, staring at the ‘fearsome’ spider in all its glory, and wondering what to do. Just the other night, I stumbled across not one, but TWO of them, creeping around my room. With the rest of the house in deep sleep, I resigned myself to handling this unfortunate predicament alone with no weapons for protection. Long story short, I almost asphyxiated myself with the overwhelming amount of bug spray it took to successfully get rid of the intruders (take notes, people!). But the peaceful sleep subsequently was well worth the effort!

So, why are we so afraid of spiders, you wonder? This can stem from a traumatic childhood incident continuing onto adulthood, or simply an irrational phobia picked up at some point. Whatever the reason, the sight of a huge arachnid just freezes our blood. So unless a miracle can cure us of our weakness, we shall have to continue to live with the fear of spiders.


Are you afraid of them eight-legs too? How do you deal with your phobia? Leave a comment!             

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