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Choosing The Foundation That’s Just Right For You

It’s called the foundation for a reason, ladies!

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There are three points to live by on this journey to finding the perfect base for your makeup. The skin type, the shade to complement your colour and the application. So, if you match these criteria properly, then, my dear, you’ve found *the one*. (Jk Jk, we all know that’s near impossible.)

Step 1: The Type

Figure out what type of skin you have and by this we mean, whether it’s oily, dry, a combination of both, or whether you’re one of those blessed with perfect skin. The trick here is to find a match for your individual skin type. Do note, things might go wrong if you put an oil based product on oily skin or a mattifying product on dry skin (hellooo, wrinkles!) So choose wisely!

Step 2: The Shade

Finding the right shade is very important. No one wants to be the girl who walks around with a vampire or cakey face, so here’s how to avoid that. Swatch your foundation options on your chest and blend them out; the colour that disappears into your skin is your match. Always make sure to leave it on for a few minutes to see how it changes. Be sure to step out of the store and check it in natural lighting.

Step 3: Application

Applying your product like a pro is the final step. Never spread on your foundation without moisturizing your skin. If you have very dry skin, it’s best to exfoliate before layering on products. Warm your foundation between your palms (so it’ll be easier to blend into your skin) and use your fingers, brush or beauty blender to give your face a good base and all set for the ultimate glam up to follow!

PS: Don’t forget to blend down to your décolletage to avoid harsh lines.

Now that you’ve got these steps down pat, there’s only a few more to go…with that flawless liner, lippie and a few men falling head-over-heels.

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